Perfmatters Pro Plugin


Perfmatters Pro Plugin


Perfmatters Pro is a lightweight WordPress performance optimization plugin designed to speed up websites by disabling unnecessary features, optimizing scripts, and reducing HTTP requests, resulting in faster load times and improved user experience.

Perfmatters Pro is a comprehensive performance optimization plugin for WordPress, developed to enhance website speed and efficiency by providing granular control over various aspects of site performance. The primary features and functionalities include:

  1. Script Manager: Perfmatters Pro allows users to selectively disable scripts and styles on a per-page or per-post basis, reducing the number of HTTP requests and improving load times.
  2. Disabling Unnecessary Features: The plugin can disable a range of default WordPress features that may not be needed, such as emojis, embeds, dashicons, and REST API, thereby reducing bloat and enhancing performance.
  3. Database Optimization: Perfmatters Pro includes tools for cleaning and optimizing the WordPress database, such as removing post revisions, auto-drafts, spam comments, and transient options, ensuring a leaner and faster database.
  4. Lazy Loading: The plugin supports lazy loading for images and iframes, deferring the loading of non-critical elements until they are needed, which significantly improves initial page load times.
  5. Preloading and Prefetching: Perfmatters Pro enables preloading of critical resources and prefetching of DNS requests, helping to improve perceived performance by preparing important assets in advance.
  6. HTTP/2 and CDN Support: The plugin is optimized for HTTP/2 and can be easily integrated with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to enhance global content delivery and site speed.
  7. Google Analytics Optimization: Perfmatters Pro offers options to locally host Google Analytics scripts and utilize minimal tracking snippets, reducing external requests and improving page speed.
  8. Heartbeat Control: Users can manage and limit WordPress Heartbeat API activity, reducing server load and resource usage.
  9. Asset Hosting: The plugin allows for local hosting of various third-party assets, minimizing external requests and enhancing load times.
  10. Advanced Performance Tweaks: Perfmatters Pro includes a variety of advanced settings for fine-tuning performance, such as disabling comments, limiting post revisions, and more.
  11. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both novice and advanced users to configure and apply performance optimizations effectively.
  12. Compatibility: Perfmatters Pro is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins, ensuring that optimization efforts do not interfere with site functionality.

Perfmatters Pro is ideal for WordPress site owners looking to maximize performance and speed without compromising functionality. By offering a range of powerful optimization tools and features, the plugin helps to reduce load times, improve SEO rankings, and deliver a better user experience.


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