Essential Blocks Pro for Gutenberg

Essential Blocks Pro for Gutenberg


Essential Blocks Pro for Gutenberg is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that extends the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor with a diverse set of advanced blocks. With dynamic post grids, interactive testimonials, and more, it’s the perfect tool for creating visually appealing and functional websites with ease.


Essential Blocks Pro for Gutenberg is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to supercharge your website building experience with the Gutenberg editor. Packed with a comprehensive collection of advanced blocks, this plugin empowers you to create stunning layouts and customize your website with ease. From dynamic post grids and eye-catching testimonials to interactive accordions and advanced headings, Essential Blocks Pro offers a wide range of versatile blocks to suit any design need. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer, this plugin enhances your creativity and enables you to build professional-grade websites effortlessly.

Currently, the tool offers over 45 advanced, powerful blocks that enable fast web design. The blocks can be classified into the following categories:

  • Content Blocks
  • Creative Blocks
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Marketing Blocks
  • Form Blocks
  • WooCommerce Blocks

Each block comes with customization options, powerful features and functionalities. Animation is also possible for many blocks like buttons etc.

Essential Blocks at a glance

Here is a brief overview of the currently available features:

  • Button & Dual Button
  • Call To Action
  • Countdown
  • Flipbox
  • Infobox
  • Notice
  • Pricing Table
  • Social Icons & Social Share
  • Team Member
  • Testimonial
  • Progress Bar
  • Interactive Promo
  • Image Comparison
  • Wrapper
  • Instagram Feed
  • Image Gallery
  • Advanced Heading
  • Parallax Slider
  • Typing Text
  • Toggle Content (inkl. FAQ-Schema)
  • Number Counter
  • Row
  • Post grid & Post Carousel
  • Table of Contents
  • Feature List
  • Slider
  • Advanced Tab
  • Formular-Integration
    (Fluent Forms, WPForms)
  • Advanced Image
  • Woo Product Grid
  • Advanced Video
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Popup
  • NFT Gallery
  • Openverse
  • Shape Divider
  • Timeline Slider (PRO)
  • Advanced Search (PRO)
  • Data Table (PRO)
  • Woo Product Carousel (PRO)
  • News Ticker (PRO)
  • Fancy Chart (PRO)


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