Crocoblock Plugin

Crocoblock Plugin


Crocoblock isย a toolkit for building dynamic websites, using Elementor page builder and/or WordPress Block editor. It is a friendly project which knows to maintain its media presence. There are over 21K members in its Facebook community, where everyone is ready to help out a fellow


Crocoblock offers a range of plugins that cater to different aspects of website development:

  1. JetElements: Adds numerous widgets to Elementor, such as sliders, carousels, and post grids, enhancing the design possibilities without needing additional coding.
  2. JetEngine: Enables the creation of custom post types, taxonomies, and meta fields, allowing users to build complex and dynamic content structures.
  3. JetSmartFilters: Provides advanced filtering options, making it easier to navigate and sort content on websites, particularly useful for e-commerce and directory sites.
  4. JetBooking: Integrates booking functionality into WordPress sites, suitable for services like hotels, rentals, and appointments, with customizable booking forms and calendar views.
  5. JetThemeCore: Helps in building custom headers, footers, and archive pages, giving more control over the overall website layout and design.
  6. JetWooBuilder: Tailored for WooCommerce, this plugin helps create custom product pages, category pages, and checkout experiences, enhancing the e-commerce capabilities of WordPress.
  7. JetMenu: Allows for the creation of mega menus with extensive customization options, including different layouts, styles, and content types.
  8. JetPopup: Facilitates the creation of various types of popups with triggers and targeting options, helping to capture leads and engage users effectively.

These plugins are designed to work seamlessly with Elementor, providing a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop experience to build and customize WordPress sites without requiring extensive coding knowledge. Crocoblock aims to empower both novice and professional developers to create professional, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites.


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