Blocksy Pro Theme

Blocksy Pro Theme


Blocksy Pro is a premium WordPress theme and addon that enhances the free Blocksy theme with additional customization options, advanced features, and integrations, allowing users to build highly functional and visually appealing websites with ease.


Blocksy Pro is an advanced addon for the Blocksy theme, a highly customizable and performance-optimized WordPress theme. Designed to extend the capabilities of the free Blocksy theme, Blocksy Pro offers a range of additional features and tools to help users create professional, feature-rich websites. The primary features and functionalities include:

  1. Extended Customization Options: Blocksy Pro provides enhanced customization settings, allowing users to fine-tune every aspect of their site’s appearance, including advanced typography, color schemes, and layout options.
  2. Header and Footer Builder: The pro version includes a powerful header and footer builder with more design elements and layout options, enabling users to create unique and dynamic headers and footers.
  3. Content Blocks: Users can create reusable content blocks that can be inserted anywhere on the site, offering greater flexibility and consistency in design.
  4. Advanced Hooks System: Blocksy Pro introduces an advanced hooks system, allowing users to insert custom content, code, or shortcodes at various hook points throughout their site.
  5. WooCommerce Enhancements: The plugin offers extensive WooCommerce integration, providing advanced product display options, custom shop layouts, and enhanced product filtering capabilities for building better e-commerce experiences.
  6. Custom Sidebars: Users can create multiple custom sidebars and assign them to different pages or posts, ensuring relevant and personalized content is displayed.
  7. Mega Menu Support: Blocksy Pro supports mega menus, enabling users to design complex, multi-column navigation menus with rich media content and advanced layout options.
  8. White Labeling: The pro version allows for white labeling, enabling developers and agencies to rebrand the theme and customize the backend experience for their clients.
  9. Enhanced Performance: Blocksy Pro maintains a focus on performance optimization, ensuring that the additional features do not compromise site speed and efficiency.
  10. Custom Post Types: Users can create and manage custom post types and taxonomies, expanding the flexibility and functionality of their website.
  11. Extended Header Elements: The pro version includes additional header elements like contact information, buttons, and social icons, providing more options for creating a fully customized header.
  12. Dynamic Conditions: Users can set dynamic conditions to control the visibility of various elements based on specific criteria, such as user roles, device types, or page settings.
  13. Premium Support: Blocksy Pro users receive access to premium support, ensuring timely and effective assistance with any issues or questions.
  14. Regular Updates: The plugin is regularly updated with new features, improvements, and compatibility fixes, ensuring it stays up-to-date with the latest WordPress standards and technologies.

Blocksy Pro is an ideal solution for WordPress users looking to elevate their website design and functionality. Its extensive customization options, advanced features, and seamless integration with the Blocksy theme make it a powerful tool for creating highly personalized and performance-optimized websites.


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